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Depending upon the specific pedigrees and the specific puppy, our puppy prices are as follows:
Pet Puppies $2200 and up
Show potential puppies: $3000 and up

Doberman puppies are not only expensive to purchase, they are expensive to raise. Unlike some breeds, they require three surgical procedures before they are sold. We do not sell our puppies unless these surgeries have been completed and the puppy is fully healed.
On rare occasions we may agree to sell a puppy with uncropped ears, though we do not like to do so. If this is a request, it does not change the purchase price.
To be placed on the list for an upcoming litter, we do not request deposits. It is our standard procedure that puppies be paid for in three installments.
1- The first third is due upon notification of the puppy's birth, so that we know positively we have a puppy for you.
2- The second is due at 6 wks old, prior to ear cropping.
3- The final third is due upon puppy pick up or shipping. Any shipping expenses must be taken care of prior to shipping. WE DO NOT REFUND INSTALLMENTS once they have been made.
You are of course free to cancel your purchase should you desire to do so.

As with anything, you get what you pay for-- and spending the money to purchase a quality animal with parental health testing is well worth the price.

We do not allow people to 'PICK' their own puppy. We know these pups inside and out by the time of placement. We know which puppies will do better in specific environments. For example you would not wish to place the most active puppy with an elderly couple. Nor would we place a quieter puppy with a family with 4 small children. All this said, be assured, that because of good lines, and proper breeding choices, our litters often look like little cookie cutters. To the average eye, any difference in appearance would be quite minuscule, so do not think that because you cannot choose yourself that you will receive a lesser quality or unattractive dog.
All of our dogs are named according to a litter theme. Upon your purchase, we shall discuss the list of names and allow you to choose something you like. Keep in mind this is merely the REGISTERED name,
and you may call the dog whatever you wish. Breeders often name litters according to themes because it is much easier to recognize by name which litter of puppies a dog is from, who his parents were and so on.

Refunds for any reason are left up to our discretion. Replacement puppies shall come from the next available puppies. At the time of sale, you will be asked to sign a contract stating that should your home situation change or you no longer wish to keep your puppy, your puppy is to be returned to us. Often people find themselves in a bad situation and in trying to place the dog quickly they may not choose the best of situations for their dog. We often have puppy requests for older dogs from people not able to handle a young puppy. If monies are collected in placement we will send it to you, minus board, vet care, and expenses incurred while we house your dog for placement.

If you are unable to pick up your puppy in person due to long distance or conflict of schedule, we do offer the service of shipping your puppy. It is not the best option, but often a necessary one. WE DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES OVERSEAS. Out of the country shipping is extremely too difficult on young puppies. Shipping puppies will require your purchase of an
airline approved kennel, and any and all shipping arrangements must be discussed with us, but are ultimately your responsibility, including the cost.
Shipping puppies can cost any where from $300.00 to $600.00 depending on crate size, flight schedule and distance.

Desta Doberman puppies are raised in a family, loving environment. Our kennels are very clean and orderly. References as
to our kennel environment and puppy care are available upon request.

Puppies are most often sold by the time of their births, so it is advised that if you wish to purchase a puppy from an upcoming litter you email or call Desta Dobermans at the number and address provided on the "CONTACT US" page of this web site.

We are always available to answer any and all questions concerning a puppy purchase or the care and developement of a purchased puppy. We have many years of combined experience between us, and it is our sole desire that you are happy with your purchase and that our puppy is doing well with you.

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