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Our Puppy Policies

WE DO NOT CONDONE OR APPROVE OF BREEDING WHITE DOBERMAN, or any dogs carrying the white factor.
All of our puppies have their tails docked and dew claws removed at 3/5 days old. Puppies will be wormed several times and first Puppy shots are given at 6 wks and every three weeks there after until they are sent to their new homes. We offer an open house day at 6 wks old so that everyone may come see the new puppy and meet the adult parents and relatives. We encourage families with small children to bring the children on visitation day and not on PUPPY PICK UP DAY. Pick up day is full of instructions, ear taping lessons and paperwork and small children are often a distraction. All of our puppies have their ears cropped, healed and stitches removed before they are allowed to go home. We watch our puppies most carefully, and also conduct certain temperament tests at appropriate times. Each puppy is sold with his AKC papers in tact and ready for you to sign and send in. Each puppy owner will receive a certificate of pedigree at the time of sale. Each puppy comes with a health record, listing any medications he's been on, his shot and worming record and so on.
Puppies must be taken to the vet of your choice within 72 hours of leaving our kennel. This is for everone's well being, as you will be assured that your new puppy is healthy and happy.

There is a genetic DNA test for Von Willibrands disease in dobermans ( a blood clotting disorder) which can sometimes be life threatening. All of our breeding stock has been DNA tested. We WILL NOT breed anything that is VWD affected. Puppies shall often be VWD CLEAR by parentage, and sometimes puppies can be CARRIERS of the gene but those pups will not have the disease themselves and they will not be sold for show and breeding.

We give you our word to be honest and up front about any problems in the line, as far as health or disease is concerned. All this said, you are purchasing a LIVING animal. Should your puppy develop any
life threatening illness the first year of his life, you may contact us with veterinarian documentation and we will be glad to arrange a replacement puppy as soon as possible. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR TERMINAL HEALTH ISSUES THAT ARISE AFTER THAT ONE YEAR PERIOD.
We do not breed any adult with life threatening illnesses or thyroid conditions. Hypothyroidism is quite common in dobermans. If any adult develops this problem they will NOT BE BRED. Adults being bred have had thyroid and VWD status tests. At two yrs of age, they will have had hip x-rays as well.

Pet puppies are sold with limited AKC registrations and will not be bred. Should you try to breed a limited registrationed dog, AKC will refuse to issue papers for the offspring.

We do not sell dobermans for junkyards, warehouses or crack houses. These are our babies. If we choose you as a recipient of one of our puppies, it will be pre-agreed that he is to be a house dog, a member of your family, and that you have time to devote to his care and well being and that you have a fence. If you have a male dog already, a female doberman is strongly suggested.

If you are close enough to our kennels in Virginia, we suggest you make an appointment and pick up your puppy in person if at all possible. When you pick up your puppy, we will spend time with you and your family, to discuss the puppy's needs such as food and feeding schedule; we will also teach you about proper grooming, ear care and taping. Many people bring their video cameras for this, so they don't forget what to do when they get home.
We will be glad to assist you with ears if you have questions or a problem. (CONTINUED on the next page)

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